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Redesigning the shipping experience with Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post ePost Development GmbH
User Research, User Experience Design, Prototyping

About the Project

The ePost is a subsidiary of Deutsche Post, working on innovative digital products and the digital transformation of conventional products of Deutsche Post. Their services include sending and receiving physical post digitally, cloud services and business solutions.

The Challenge

ePost, the digital arm of Deutsche Post, asked me to explore ways how current products of Deutsche Post could be improved by digitalization.

Shipping something is a mess. Measuring weight and size of the package, finding the right shipping product and carrying the package to next post office is no fun. 

The Audience

Given the broad challenge, I started with interviewing friends and family members, in order to get a first idea of how they are using services of Deutsche Post and what their pain-points regarding Deutsche Post look like.

Many of the people I interviewed shared certain characteristics which resulted in the following persona.

The persona for the ePost project

Michael, the persona, is a young, urban professional, who is up to date regarding the latest technological gear (Macbook Pro, iPhone), pays attention to aesthetics and uses many online services that save him time and effort. 

He is a passionate music lover and tries to extend his huge collection of vinyls whenever he has time. He's buying and selling used records on - the largest music database and marketplace in the world.

Pain Points and Needs

Since Michael is a frequent user of the online marketplace discogs, he's sending and receiving records with Deutsche Post very frequently.

However, sending and receiving records is the part of his hobby, that is the most frustrating for hime, because:

  • He has to measure and weight his shipments before he can calculate the postage
  • He's afraid he didn't prepay enough and therefore usually overpays for his shipping
  • He's confused by multiple, overlapping websites of Deutsche Post:,,
  • He has to bring his parcels to the 'Paketshop'
  • Business Viability

    In order to validate, weather Michael as a persona, with his characteristics, behaviour and pain-points, constitutes a business case for Deutsche Post, I have analysed the vinyl sales via the marketplace discogs in Germany

    Vinyl sales wordwide 2010-2014
    Sales on discogs in 2015 by category

    Germany's share in worldwide vinyl sales has been 10% in 2014, which leads to 275.000 vinyl sales per year in Germany and an estimated shipping cost volume of 1.375.000 € per year.

    Taking Michael's pain-points seriously therefore not only makes sense from a human-centered perspective, but also from a business point-of-view.


    Based on the user research and the assessment of the business viability, I reframed the challenge:

    How might we make calculating shipping fees, stamping and sending records with Deutsche Post more simple, fast and intuitive?


    A timed, individual brain-storming brought up some interesting ideas..

    a timed, individual brainstorm focuses on outcomes and prevents group-think

    ... which have been evaluated regarding their level of impact and effort of implementation. The following concept seemed to offer the highest impact with a relatively high effort: focuses on the user's needs


    I defined the goal of the user as 'sending something' rather than 'buying a shipping product' when using online services of Deutsche Post and came up with a prototype. I integrated various lesser known services of Deutsche Post into that protype and focused on the needs of the user rather than the products or services of Deutsche Post.


    I compared the userflow of the new prototype to the current userflow on when ordering a stamp. Although the userflow of the prototype has as many steps as the current one, it feels shorter to the user and motivates him to purchase additional services which make the whole experience of sending a parcel more convenient and stating a potential for additional sales for Deutsche Post.

    Comapring userflow of the prototype to the one of